Rocco Chilelli
Rocco ChilelliPresident

Artist Rocco Chilelli, Master Photographer and founder of Camelot Studios understands that delighting wedding clients like you only begins with great photographs. As a professional photographer for over 30 years Rocco developed his own distinct style through tireless experimentation with light and depth. He pioneered painting with light, a photo style that results in far greater flattering imagery. Over the years he has generously taught his techniques to many grateful photographers, both beginners and experienced.

The many five star reviews reveals that wedding couples love the finished product as well as his personality, professionalism, sense of humor and how makes people feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Couples also mentioned how much his work stands out over many photographers other couples saw at bridal shows or met at their studios.

During the planning stages, Rocco tries to be of the best possible support to you, making sure of all of your expectations and wishes are brought to reality. He will give you sage advice in the planning process way beyond the scope of photography and has endless patience in helping you feel calm and confident about the whole process.

Rocco’s experience and sensibilities along with strong with your other vendors, will make such a difference in the smoothness of your wedding day. He is known to  create a sense of teamwork among the banquet people and other vendors to go all out for you. 

Rocco prides himself on his high standards of how he curates the diverse and unique ways you and your family will have to showcase your photographs through art books and wall art. He relishes the opportunity to get to know you individually and keep in touch for many years to come.